Air conditioning doesn’t just cool your house – it changes your comfort levels to the better.

Air conditioning makes living in California more comfortable.  Are you working from home? You will be more productive. If you’re too hot and uncomfortable even when you’re not moving around, imagine how unbearable it will be to do chores, play with children, or work. When you’re cool and comfortable, you’ll be more comfortable and more inclined to do more work. Your appliances and computers will work better in a comfort temperature as well.

Air conditioning saves lives. If you have elderly or someone with dehydration or other health issues at home, make sure they are not suffering living in a house that is too hot. Heat wave can lead to death. An air conditioner will remove the humidity from air and make you more comfortable.

Air conditioner makes people happy. If you’re cooler, you’ll be more relaxed and happier. A cooler, more comfortable home will make for happier inhabitants. 

Whether you don’t have an air conditioner yet and looking to install one or your existing AC is old and needs replacement, you came to the right place.  Galaxy Service air conditioning specialists will work with you to help determine your needs, choose the best model and properly size the equipment. Remember, the bigger is not always the better when it comes to air conditioner.  We won’t be advising you to buy the biggest, most expensive and fanciest equipment when your house doesn’t need it. We will give you few options and explain advantages of each model. Our technicians will only offer you the unit you really need and the one that will be the most energy-efficient and cost-effective for you and the space you’re cooling. 

We understand homeowners are looking for top quality at the best price, and that’s why Galaxy Heating and Air Conditioning will provide you with the highest quality equipment with the best air conditioning installation service Bay Area can offer. 

There are several things needs to be considered when choosing the right system, and Galaxy HVAC has the right specialists to do the job. We take a full assessment of your home including the size of the house, type and condition of insulation, number of windows, condition of the air ducts, zoning, your budget and goals, and more.



While central heating and air conditioning is still the most popular and common choice, it might be not what your home actually needs. What if you don’t need to heat or cool the whole house, and mostly need it in the living room and bedroom? Or what if you have solar panels and looking to get something more efficient and budget friendly?  Talk to our comfort advisers and describe your needs and concerns, and we will provide you with the best solution.

Galaxy Heating and Air Conditioning offers variety of products and HVAC systems including

  • Central air conditioning
  • -Heat pumps
  • -Dual fuel systems
  • -Ductless heat pumps and air conditioners

There are several benefits of having the new air conditioner. New system will bring the efficiency up and your energy bills down. All modern air conditioners are more energy efficient than older units—as much a 60 percent more efficient than similar units that were built just 10 years ago. Also, new models are significantly quieter, and with some models you won’t even notice that you have the AC turned on.  In the long run, you’ll be way ahead of the game if you choose to replace your unit before it totally collapses. Not only will you save a bundle because of the efficiency of a newer unit, you’ll also avoid costly repairs on your old unit.

Galaxy Services is your local resource for expert HVAC repair and installation. We serve customers throughout Contra Costa, Alameda, San Francisco and San Mateo Counties. Call 925-233-7378 or contact us online to schedule your service.