Washer Repair
Washer Repair
Washer Repair

Washing machines have become irreplaceable “helpers” and one of the key appliances in most modern homes making laundry more efficient and convenient. Malfunctioning washer can throw off your entire routine and become a source of great inconvenience and annoyance. We appreciate the urgency and will do our best to schedule same day appointment. Here is the list of most common issues:

  • -Washer won’t spin
  • -Washer won’t drain
  • -Washer making unusual noise
  • -Washer is vibrating
  • -Washer leaking water
  • -Washer won’t start
  • -Washer is not heating water
  • -Washer won’t open or close

Galaxy Appliance Repair Service offers affordable, fast and reliable service. Our technicians are highly skilled and have all the necessary tools and parts to fix most common problems same day. Should we need to schedule another appointment and order replacement parts, you will be given all the options for the most cost-effective solutions along with detailed estimates and a clear timeline. Click here to request a quote or schedule an appointment with a professional technician from Galaxy Appliance Repair Service.