Freezer Repair
Freezer Repair
Freezer Repair

The importance of your freezer to you and your family cannot be underestimated. A good, working freezer offers great convenience and lets families store food in a cold, hygienic environment, helps them prepare well for parties and celebrations. A good freezer should always maintain a temperature of zero degrees Fahrenheit or even lower to ensure your food items won’t go to waste. Some common freezer issues are:

  • -Won’t turn on

  • -Overcooling / fluctuating temperature

  • -Leaking water

  • -Door seals are damaged

  • -Freezer is too noisy during operation

Any problems with your freezer should be addressed by our experts, and it is very easy to reach out to us – all you have to do is send us a request. Once we receive it, we’ll send you an estimate of all costs and timeline for repairs and schedule your appointment.

Click here to request a quote or schedule an appointment with a professional technician from Galaxy Appliance Repair Service.