Mini Split Maintenance
Mini Split Maintenance
Mini Split Maintenance
Mini Split Maintenance

Your cooling and heating system works hard to keep your family comfortable. It is important to maintain your equipment to extend its life. You can also save money by catching minor issues before they turn into costly repairs. An HVAC maintenance tune-up should be performed at least annually. If done on a regular basis, furnace and air conditioner maintenance can save you up to 30% on your monthly bills. It can also provide cleaner and more efficient HVAC operation and help ensure all possible problems are discovered and prevented before they occur. Maintaining your cooling and heating system will also help improve air quality in your home.

A ductless mini split should receive annual maintenance, just like any other type of HVAC system, to operate at its best.

Following are the basic procedures our ductless professionals will perform during the ductless mini-split maintenance:

  • -Airflow: Air-source heat pumps require free airflow to the indoor and outdoor heat-exchange coils. The air filterinside the indoor air-handling unit (AHU) is removed and cleaned. The outdoor cabinet is inspected for airflow obstructions.
  • -Cleaning: The coils are deep-cleaned to remove debris and contaminants, and to help prevent mold and mildew growth. Clean coils are important for efficient heating and cooling.
  • Refrigerant: The refrigerant lines, coils and flare connections are inspected for leakage.
  • -Drainage: Clear drainage must be maintained to prevent water leaks and damage. Drain lines are flushed and treated to clear and inhibit algae and mold growth.
  • -Electrical contacts: Wiring and contacts are inspected for wear. Poor wiring and electronics can cause ice to form on the outdoor coil (heating months) and indoor coil (cooling months).
  • -Compression: High-performance ductless mini splits utilize digital inverter-driven compressors, electronic expansion valves (EEV), and sophisticated sensors to prepare, regulate and monitor super-heating of high-efficiency refrigerant. Only a trained and skilled technician should inspect and test these components.

Homeowner care tips: Clean the air filter each month. A dirty filter blocks heat exchange and increases energy bills. Check the outside cabinet periodically for airflow obstructions, such as leaves, ice and snow (depending on your regional weather).

Whether you choose to hire a maintenance technician or take care of it yourself, I strongly urge you to consider the consumer energy cost savings and environmental benefits of well-maintained HVAC equipment. Our trained service technicians have many years of experience and can help you examine the system and make sure it runs smoothly and worry-free. An annual tune-up is a must-have for any home cooling system – schedule yours today.

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