Heat Pump Repair
Heat Pump Repair
Heat Pump Repair

Heat Pumps are complex systems design to provide both heating and cooling to your home. Unlike gas furnace, heat pump uses electricity and refrigerant to heat and cool your house. A heat pump operates on a simple principle: it moves heat from one location to the other using the circulation of refrigerant. (I.e. it pumps heat.) The refrigerant gains heat and pressure in a compressor, and then moves to one set of coils to release the heat. Afterwards, the cooled refrigerant moves to a second set of coils to absorb heat.

If the temperatures have changed and your heat pump is not working, you’ve come to the right place. Galaxy HVAC can install and repair heat pumps and has professionally trained and certified technicians who can service most brands of HVAC furnace, wall heater, heat pump and mini split equipment. Our team can handle any repair you may need. 

There are several signs that your heat pump needs repair:

  • -Heat pump won’t turn on
  • -Heat pump makes strange sounds
  • -Uneven temperature throughout the home
  • -Rising heating bills

If your heat pump is showing any of these signs of needing repair, or if it’s just acting weird and you’re worried about it, call Galaxy HVAC and schedule the service.  Galaxy Heating and Air Conditioning team of heat pump repair specialists are dedicated to providing the highest quality of heat pump and furnace repairs in Contra Costa and Alameda Counties.  Our technicians are specially trained and equipped to ensure that any type of heat pump your home relies on is returned to the state of comfort and reliability you need.   You can count on us to get the job done right, right away.  

Galaxy Services is your local resource for expert HVAC repair and installation.   

We serve customers throughout Contra Costa, Alameda, San Francisco and San Mateo Counties. 

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