Heat Pump Installation
Heat Pump Installation
Heat Pump Installation

Heat Pumps are complex systems design to both heat and cool your home. Unlike gas furnace, heat pump uses electricity and refrigerant to heat and cool your house. A heat pump operates on a simple principle: it moves heat from one location to the other using the circulation of refrigerant. (I.e. it pumps heat.) The refrigerant gains heat and pressure in a compressor, and then moves to one set of coils to release the heat. Afterwards, the cooled refrigerant moves to a second set of coils to absorb heat.

Heat pumps are becoming popular for several reasons. They help save energy in heating mode, since it requires less electrical power to move heat than it does to raise the temperature of the air by burning fuel or using electrical resistance heating. A family that switches from a furnace to a heat pump for winter warmth can save a tremendous amount of energy-along with getting a great AC system at the same time. Heat pumps also offer a level of safety over many gas-powered heating systems, and which offers peace of mind for many households. The outside of the heat pump cabinet doesn’t even get warm when the system is in heating mode!

Replacing your unit with a new heat pump can significantly advance your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. A new heat pump will work reliably and steadily, but it will also be more efficient than your old one. Getting your new heat pump installed by a trained professional is one of the ways that you can make sure it works well for as long as possible.

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