Heating Installation
Heating Installation
Heating Installation

If you’re looking for a furnace installation company, you’ve probably found few options already. Before you make any decision, you should feel confident that you get the best results and choose the company you can trust. Experts at Galaxy HVAC can guarantee you the best solution for your comfort needs.

  • -Fee HVAC installation estimates
  • -Long-term experience
  • -Expertise with many different systems
  • -Up-to-date training for technicians
  • -Price match guarantee
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Galaxy offers expert installation and high-quality, efficient equipment to keep your home comfortable while saving energy. We also take care of replacements and upgrades. Whether your HVAC system breaks or just old and no longer efficient, replacing it with a modern, energy efficient system allows you to save money on your utility bills while efficiently heating the home.

We provide a wide array of installations including:  80% efficiency gas furnace installation, high-efficiency gas furnace installation, wall heater installation, heat pump and air handler installation.

Our certified technicians will inspect your existing heating system to determine if a replacement is needed, or a simple maintenance is all you need. If the new heating system is needed, we’d gladly provide you with a variety of options and recommend you the best system that would meet your family needs and budget. We guarantee you that you will get the most dependable, best quality equipment that won’t cost you arm and leg.

Gas furnaces are the most common heating type that you can see throughout the country. Gas furnace is effective, affordable and fits almost every house. If you’re looking to keep your home warm relatively cheaply, a gas furnace might be your best choice. Gas furnace heats up the house pretty quickly, and you’d only need to choose whether you want it to be 80% or 96% (or more) efficient. 

Heat pump is another way to heat up the house. The only difference is that heat pump is using electricity. With the gas prices going up and solar panels becoming more popular, the heat pump might be a smart choice for you.

Dual fuel is an excellent and most efficient system for those, who want to have heating and cooling and save money on energy bills. A dual fuel system combines the best of both electric and gas systems. System will automatically choose the most efficient heat source based on the outside temperature.

Typically the advantage of a dual fuel system is if you have natural gas and solar panels. If you have solar panels, your electricity is very cheap. So why not use as much electricity as you possibly can (electric powering the heat pump) before you use something that you’re paying for (gas furnace)?

Talk to our Comfort Advisers about your needs and we will be happy to help you determine what type of heating would serve you bets.

Galaxy Services is your local resource for expert HVAC repair and installation. We serve customers throughout Contra Costa, Alameda, San Francisco and San Mateo Counties. Call 925-233-7378 or contact us online to schedule your service.